We’ve been in business for just a few short weeks and it has been a great start. It’s always hard to set up on your own as, despite many years experience, you need to establish a name for yourself as an independent. We have made a few links with local businesses on Twitter and hope to increase these contacts and Phil has been around Frome introducing himself. We have started this website and are in the process of adding much more detail to the pages. Frome business people are generally warm and welcoming and there is genuine support for a company that is local and family run like ours.

There has been a recent increase in start-up businesses and it is often assumed that you need a firm of accountants to manage your business accounts and payroll but a qualified bookkeeper can provide all these services on a more approachable, one to one basis, often at a lower cost.

Whilst daunting it is, of course, very exciting to go out on our own and use the experience we have both gained over the years.

We are lucky enough to have been able to create a very professional home office which our dog, Maisie seems to have got used to very quickly, judging by the snoring coming from under the desk.


The Counting House
Small Business Accountancy

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